Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area

Help with Swarms

What to do if you find a swarm on your property.

Not all bees you may find in your garden are honey bees, some might be bumble bees, solitary bees or even wasps. Honey bees swarm as a matter of course, if you are not a beekeeper and encounter bees swarming or having settled after swarming, after you get over the shock, take a moment to appreciate them ….. without getting too close….. it is quite a privilege to experience a swarm.

The successful conclusion to this situation depends initially on you and the information you give the beekeeper. So take a deep breath and make a few notes.

  • The beekeeper will need as much information as you can provide, they will need to know the location of the swarm, and whether there is a ladder need to access it.
  • If you have a smart phone take a photo of the swarm if possible. This can be done from behind a window if necessary. Do not go too close to the bees.
  • Remember you are inviting someone on to your property so ask the questions…. do they have sufficient experience? are they competent to carry out the task at hand? If you doubt their capacity to do the job, look for someone else.

To the beekeeper

If you are interested in catching swarms make sure you are well prepared and assess the situation before you get involved.

  • Be aware that your FIBKA insurance does not cover swarm collection.
  • Get as much information as you can from the householder, including a photo if possible.
  • Make sure you have all the right equipment for the job.
  • If there is a ladder required do you have one? are you competent to catch a swarm while holding on to the ladder. It is strongly recommended that two people are in attendance when a ladder is used.
  • If you do not have experience then you must have an experienced beekeeper with you.

People willing to capture swarms in the local areas

All Dublin Areas

  • David Gleeson 0872385744
  • Kieran Harnett 0862629934
  • Liam McGarry 0872643492
  • Keith Pierce 0872818759
  • Eddie Lloyd 0871737189


  • Angela Jennings 0857318620


  • Peter Whitty 0878209008


  • Ed Sweetman 0872920068


  • Eunan 0879903213
  • Nessa 0872661846
  • Paul Moran 0868223574
  • Ted Bowe 0872364183

Mt Merrion

  • Edward Simons 0872813523


  • James Beddoe 0866030283


  • Gillian Mahony 0868334117

South Dublin

  • Dinos Christodoulides 0872986693

Kildare/North Offaly

  • Catherine Burke 0868466371

Wicklow East

  • Dinos Christodoulides 0872986693
  • Maeve Clissmann 0868181819
  • Mary Montaut 012860497

Wicklow West

  • Ted Bowe 0872364183