Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area


78th Dublin Honey Show

Saturday, 6th November 2021, Taney Parish Centre

  1. Postal entries must be made on the official entry form and must reach the Honey Show Secretary by the Tuesday prior to the Honey Show.  Online entries must be received by 6pm on the Friday prior to the Honey Show. Entries can also be submitted at the show venue on the evening before the Honey Show from 6pm to 8pm or between 9am and 10am on the morning of the show.
  2. Exhibits may not be entered in more than one class. 
  3. There is no maximum number of entries per entrant, except in class 22, where the maximum is 2 photographs per entrant.
  4. A Judge may not be an exhibitor in any class in which he/she acts as a Judge.
  5. Stewards must disclose if they have an interest in a class which their judge is judging.
  6. Staging of exhibits will be by appointed Stewards except in display classes.
  7. The CDBKA Committee will retain and inscribe all trophies. 
  8. The CDBKA Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage to any exhibit whatsoever.
  9. The decision of the Honey Show Committee / Judges is final.
  10. Except for classes 22 and 24, exhibits must be bona fide product of the exhibitors’ own bees.
  11. Honey colour BSI grading glasses will be used by the Judges.
  12. The Committee reserves the right not to award all or any of the prizes in any class.
  13. An exhibitor shall not be entitled to more than one prize in any class or any supreme class.
  14. Wax may be exhibited polished or unpolished.
  15. Sections must be enclosed in standard yellow section cases.  CDBKA will provide section cases on request.  Labels must be attached to both the case and the section.
  16. Honey must be exhibited in matching plain clear glass jars, with any commercial lids, matching.  No individual identification marks.  Class 2 exempt from this rule.
  17. Mead must be shown in clear, colourless round bottles, with rounded, not sloping shoulders and without lettering, fluting or ornamentation of any kind.  Only cork stoppers with plastic flanges to be used.  No alcohol may be added to metheglin, cyser or melomel, nor may alcohol or flavouring be added to mead, however additions such as acids, nutrients and tannin may be used.
  18. Photographic class exhibits must have been taken by the exhibitor, and must be mounted.  The subject must be related to bees or beekeeping.  Finished size including mount min. 100mm x 150mm, max. 300mm x 300mm. Label to be placed on the top right hand corner of the mount.
  19. Class 25 is open only to CDBKA members.
  20. Class 26 is open only to Tribes Association members.
  21. Classes 27 and 28 are open only to Fingal Beekeepers Association members.
  22. Class 29 is open only to Kilternan Association Members.
  23. Novice classes 30 and 31 are open only to those who have not previously won a prize in a CDBKA honey show.
  24. Honey cake and honey biscuits:  any recipe may be used.  For honey cake entries, a list of the ingredients must be displayed alongside each entry.
  25. Honey Beer must have honey as an ingredient.
  26. Exhibitors will be issued with honey show number labels.  On honey jars these should be placed approximately 12.5mm above the bottom of the jar.  Stewards will advise where to place honey show labels on other classes.

Exhibits may only be removed by stewards, after the show has

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