Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area

National Honey Show 2022

At the 74th Summer School


On behalf of FIBKA I would like to invite each and every member to this year’s
Irish National Honey Show which will be held in Maynooth University on the
29th & 30th of July. I would be hopeful that most of you will make an attempt at
showing some honey, be it one jar or many, any amount will be greatly
appreciated. This will be an historic event as it is the first ever national honey
show to be held in Maynooth University.
It is a great opportunity no matter what your experience is with honey
showing. You will get great tips and advice on how to improve for the next
show. It’s a great social experience and there will also be lectures and trade
stands there as it is taking place in conjunction with the beekeeping summer
school previously held at Gormanston College. So, if you’re coming along to the
summer school, you might as well enter some honey, regardless of whether it’s
your first-time showing honey or your 100th time, I would love to see you
It can seem daunting for those of you with no previous honey showing
experience to put honey on view for critique by experts but you can be assured
there is no pressure as a lot of it has to do with the bees and not the
beekeeper so there is a high chance you could win something. There will be a
novice class there for anyone who has never shown honey before and would
like to have a go so you will not be the only one trying it for the first time.
In beekeeping most of what we know is passed down from the generations
before us and the experts around us. I was taught by my grandfather Jim
Power who has been a honey judge for many years. This honey show is your
opportunity to get some expertise passed on to you through the experts on
site over the weekend.
I look forward to seeing you all there.
Gavin Fitzpatrick
Irish National

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