Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area

Course Content

An Introduction to Beekeeping Course

A short outline of what will be covered on each evening

February 2nd    Natural History of the Honeybee

A short history of beekeeping.

Bees and wasps.

How and what bees eat.

How the seasonal changes affect bees.

A look at the different plants and their availability throughout the year,

February 16th  The Honeybee Colony

A look at who lives in the colony and the work they do.

The life cycles of the queen, workers, and drones.

Healthy and unhealthy brood patterns.

How a queen becomes a queen.

The colony and the Beekeeper

February 23rd  Products of the Hive


Humans and Honey


How and why bees make wax

Why and how bees collect propolis

March 9th Beekeeping Equipment

Basic personal protection beekeeping equipment.

The hive tool and smoker

A Hive

The different types of hives available

Bee Space

March 16th       Honeybee Health

Heathy Honeybees

Good Colony Management

A short introduction to Varroa

Pests and diseases of the beehive

An integrated approach to happy healthy honeybees

March 23rd       Bees and the Environment

Honeybees and other bees in Ireland

Bees as pollinators

The state of pollinator populations in Ireland

What the public can do to help bees and pollinators