Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area


The CDBKA has two extractors and a heather press which can be borrowed by the members at a nominal fee.

Extractor south side contact Mary Montaut ph 012860497

Extractor north side contact ..(Details to Follow)………

Heather press contact Rose Breslin ph:0872865536, email:

How to treat the extractor

  1. DO take particular care of the tap as it’s delicate.
  2. DO sterilize the extractor before you begin your honey extraction. Cold water and Milton are recommended for this.
  3. DO start turning the handle slowly and allow the speed to build up gradually as this will avoid breaking the comb.
  4. DO flush the machine with lots of COLD water when finished.
  5. DO return the extractor in the condition you would like to find it.
  6. DON’T over-tighten the tap as this will strip the thread and that will make the entire machine irreparable!
  7. DON’T put hot or warm water or any other cleaning fluid into the extractor.