Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area
Beekeeping in the greater Dublin area


The association maintains a library for the benefit of members.

The Association Library has 216 books and is an extremely valuable resource of the Association.  It has been built up by the generosity of past and present members who have donated most of the books.

Members may borrow or donate books  by contacting Mark, our Librarian, at

Borrowing of books

  1. Books are available to all members.
  2. Books in high demand may have a time limit.
  3. A few of the more rare books are for reference only and cannot be borrowed.
  4. The librarian can be contacted at all meetings or by the email address above.
TitleAuthorDate PublishedCatalogue No.
1986 Beekeepers Annual  129
1986 Beekeepers Annual  137
1991 Beekeepers Annual  147
A Book of HoneyCrane Eva1980127
A Book of HoneyCrane Eva1980132
A Manual of BeekeepingE.B. Wedmore1932 ’79 ed163
A Murmur of BeesScott Amoret1980145
ABC & XYZ of Bee CultureRoot A.I.37th Edition/ 19781
ABC & XYZ of Bee CultureA.I. Root & E.R. Root1908189
Advice to Intending Beekeepers –Advisory LeafletH.M.S.O.196647
Advice to Intending Beekeepers –Advisory LeafletH.M.S.O.196648
Advice to Intending Beekeepers –Advisory LeafletH.M.S.O196649
Advice to Intending Beekeepers –Advisory LeafletH.M.S.O.196650
Advice to Intending Beekeepers –Advisory LeafletH.M.S.O.197151
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers Assoc. 130
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers Assoc. 131
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers Assoc. 132
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers Assoc. 133
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers Assoc. 134
Anatomy and Dissection of the HoneybeeDade W.E.197737
Apimondia XXVII 1979188
Bee Boles & Bee HousesFoster A.M.198892
Bee BookLaytham Alan19453
Bee Hives & HoneyF.I.B.A.200078
Bee Journal of the U.S 1977  154
Beehives and Beekeepers AppliancesCassel & CO19127
BeekeepingClarke K.K.19518
BeekeepingClarke K.K.19519
BeekeepingRiches M.R.C197610
BeekeepingRiches M.R.C197611
BeekeepingRiches M.R.C197612
BeekeepingFrank Vernon1976200
BeekeepingKenneth K. Clarke1951201
Beekeeping a Seasonal Guide  126
Beekeeping at Buckfast AbbeyBro. Adam1987155
BeeKeeping at Buckfast AbbeyBro. Adam1974182
Beekeeping Bulletin No 9H.M.S.O.194345
Beekeeping Bulletin No 9H.M.S.O.194446
BeeKeeping for AllTickner Edwardes1939208
Beekeeping for Pleasure and ProfitArmitt J.H.1952110
Beekeeping in BritainManley R.D.B.194838
Bee-keeping in Ireland, a HistoryWatson J.K.1981122
Beekeeping PracticeStuart F.S.194614
Beekeeping PracticeStuart F.S.194615
Beekeeping PracticeStuart F.S.194616
Beekeeping PracticeFrank S. Stuart1946195
Beekeeping TechniquesDeans A.S.C.196317
Beekeeping TechniquesAlex. S.C. Deans1963166
Beekeeping up to DateFlower A.B.195218
BeesKahlifnan I.195321
BeesKarl von Frisch1950168
Bees and BeekeepingPavord A.V.19754
Bees and BeekeepingPavord A.V.19755
Bees and BeekeepingPavord A.V.19756
Bees and BeekeepingPavord A.V.1970113
Bees and BeekeepingDiemer Irmgard1988138
Bees and BeekeepingA. V. Pavord1975177
Bees and HoneyCarter G.A.194519
Bees and HoneyHooper Ted1976/83135
Bees and PeopleIo Naum197422
Bees are my BusinessWhitcombe H.J.195620
Bees at the Bottom of the GardenCampion Alan199079
Bees at the Bottom of the GardenAlan Campion2001187
Bees Flowers and FruitMace Herbert194923
Bees for Profit and PleasureGeary.H.Archive2
Bees Hives and HoneyF.I.B.A.2000158
Bees in the CurriculumBrit. Beekeepers Assoc 160
Bees in the CurriculumBrit. Beekeepers Assoc 161
Bees in the CurriculumBrit. Beekeepers Assoc 162
Bees, Hives and HoneyFed. Of Irish BKA2000165
Bees, Hives and HoneyFIBKA2nd Edition/ 2000185
Bees, their Vision, Chemical Senses & Language (autographed by author)von Frisch K.195024
BeeswaxBrowne Ron1981125
Beeswax CandlesFurness Clara 153
Beeswax CraftingBerhol Robt. Jnr1993152
British Beekeepers Guide BookTHCS. WM. Cowan11th Edition/202
City of the BeesFrank S. Stuart1947194
City of the BeesFrank S. Stuart1947209
Common Sense BeekeepingHooper M.M.2nd edition116
Contemporary Queen RearingLaidlaw H.H.1978120
Co-operative Honey Handling and Extracting TechniquesCoustan Robert 139
Down among the BeefolkSmith V.J.194626
Guide to Bees and HoneyHooper Ted1983124
Guide to Bees and HoneyHooper Ted1976/83141
Guide to Bees and HoneyHooper Ted1976/83142
Guide to Bees and HoneyTed Hooper4th Edition/ 2008184
Henry’s Bee HerbalHenry Rowsell & Helen McFarlene1974174
HoneyCrane Eva197628
Honey Bee Pests, Predators and DiseasesMorse R.A.1978117
Honey Bees & Their ManagementWhitehead S.B.1945115
Honey Bees & Their ManagementS.B. Whitehead1946210
Honey CookeryStadtlaender Chris1976/83140
Honey CookeryChris Staedtlaender1972176
Honey CraftLawson J.A.194829
Honey FarmingR.O.B Manley 193
Honey for Pleasure and ProfitArmitt J.H.195230
Honey from your GadenBrett W.194031
Honey GettingSechrist E.Lloyd194732
Honey Handling and ExtractingCoustan Robert 128
Honey in the KitchenJoyce White1978164
Honey MarketingRiches1989129
Honey– Natural Food & HealerJanet Boyd1974175
Honey Plants ManualHarvey B. Cordl1966180
How to Keep Bees for ProfitLyon D.E.191333
How to Succeed with BeesAtkins E.W.&Hawkins K.192434
Hunting for HoneyEric Wall2005170
In Praise of HoneyJane Charlton & Jane1995171
In Search of the best Strains of BeesAdam Bro.1966134
In Search of the best Strains of BeesBrother Adam1983203
Insect Pollination of CropsFree John B.197635
Instruction in Bee-keeping for the use of Irish Bee-KeepersBrown & Nolan Publishers1912190
Instructions in Beekeeping for Irish BeekeepeersH.M.S.O.191236
Instructions in Beekeeping for Irish BeekeepeersH.M.S.O.1912109
Irish Bee-Keepers ManualThe Stationery Office, Dublin1958192
Keeping HoneybeesUrquhart J.197839
Keeping HoneybeesJudy Urquhart 178
Keeping HoneybeesJ.G. Digges9th Edition/ 1941197
Killer BeesPotter Anthony1977150
La na gCrann – Tree Day- DVD- and Resource Pack for Primary SchoolsTree Council of Ireland199925
Life of the Honeybee (Ladybird)Sinclair W.196941
Life of the Honeybee (Ladybird)Sinclair W.196942
Life of the Honeybee (Ladybird)Sinclair W.196944
MeadRiches Harry R.C.1997151
Natural History of the HoneybeeHuber184152
Observation Hives 1999167
One Thousand Years of Devon BeekeepingBrownR.H.1975156
Pest Control. Safe for BeesF.I.B.A.200060
Plants and BeekeepingHowes F.N.194553
Plants and BeekeepingF.N. Howes1945211
Practical BeekeepingMace H.197755
Practical BeekeepingMace H.197756
Practical Beekeeping & Honey ProductionMacfie D.T.Archive54
Principles of Practical BeekeepingCouston Robt.197258
Principles of Practical BeekeepingCouston Robt.197259
Principles of Practical BeekeepingCouston Robt.1972112
Principles of Practical BeekeepingHooper Ted1990143
Principles of Practical BeekeepingHooper Ted1990144
Profitable BeekeepingCrofts Dr. Laurie1986131
Queen Breeding for AmateursAbbott C.P.194762
Queen Breeding for AmateursAbbott C.P.194763
Queen Breeding for AmateursAbbott C.P.194764
Queen Breeding for AmateursAbbott C.F.1951108
Queen RearingSnelgrove L.E.194627
Reprinted papers on bee HusbandryMollan R.C.198040
Reprinted papers on bee HusbandryMollan R.C.1980118
Social Behaviour of InsectsImms A.D.193865
Swarming Control and PreventionSnelgrove L.E.194366
Swarming Control and PreventionSnelgrove L.E.194367
Swarming Control and PreventionSnelgrove L.E.194368
Sweetness and LightHattie Ellis2004169
Teach Yourself BeekeepingSchofield N.1943101
Teach Yourself BeekeepingSchofield N.1958102
Teach Yourself BeekeepingVernon F.1976103
The Alberta Beekeeping Manual  136
The Art of BeekeepingHamilton W.194561
The Art of BeekeepingHamilton W.195169
The Art of BeekeepingHamilton W.1975111
The Bee CraftsmanH. J. Wadey3rd Edition/1945199
The Bee WalkLisney A.F.E.195374
The Beekeepers Encyclopaedia2nd EditionDeans Alex.S.C. F.R.F.S. 137
The Beekeepers GardenHooper Ted & Taylor Mike198886
The Beekeepers GuideHerrod-Hempsall W.194473
The Beemaster A WarrilowEdwards Tickner1983146
The Behaviour and Social Life of HoneybeesRibbands R.195370
The Behaviour and Social Life of HoneybeesRibbands R.195371
The Behaviour of BeesWadey H.J.194872
The Biology of FlowersHolm E.1979119
The Boo BeesSilvey-Jex1990198
The Complete Guide to BeekeepingMorse R.A.197275
The Complete Guide to BeekeepingEvans Jeremy1989157
The Complete Handbook of BeekeepingMace Herbert197643
The Dance Language and Orientation of Beesvon Frisch K. 1967196776
The Dancing Beesvon Frisch K.1954106
The Golden ThrongTeale E.W.194677
The Healing Power of HoneyMmaurice Haussen1980172
The Historie of BeesCharles Butlerreprinted 1983 from original 1623204
The Hive and the HoneybeeDadant194780
The Hive and the HoneybeeDadant and Sons1975173
The Honeyand Yoghurt CookbookRena Cross1974181
The HoneybeeWright W.D.191381
The HoneybeeButler C.G.194982
The HoneybeeButler C.G.194983
The Honeybee, Natural History, Anatomy and Physiology (Autographed)Cowan C.W.189184
The Hunting WaspJohn Crompton1948207
The Joys of BeekeepingRichard Taylor1974179
The Life of the BeeMaeterlinck M.193085
The Lore of the HoneybeeEdwards T.192587
The Lore of the HoneybeeEdwards T.192588
The Lore of the HoneybeeEdwards T.1925107
The Lore of the HoneybeeEdwards Tickner1908147
The Lore of the HoneybeeTickner Edwardes1946205
The Mind of the BeesFrancon J.193989
The Mind of the BeesFrancon J.193990
The Mind of the BeesJulien Francon1939206
The Mystery of the HiveEverard E.192391
The New Varroa HandbookMobus B.& deBruyn C.1993159
The Observation HiveShowler Karl1978148
The Practical Bee GuideDigges Rev.J.G.194157
The Practical Bee GuideDigges J.G.195094
The Practical Bee GuideDigges J.G.195095
The Practical Bee GuideDigges J.G.1947104
The Practical Bee GuideDigges J.G.1947105
The Practical Bee GuideDigges J.G.1943114
The Practical Bee GuideJ.G. Digges2nd Edition/1910196
The Principles of Practical BeekeepingCouston R.1972123
The Secret Live of BeesSue Monk Kidd2001186
The Shorter British FloraPrime C.T. & Deacock R.J.194896
The Skyscraper HiveDugat M.194797
The Social Organisation of the HoneybeeFreeJohn B.197798
The Social Organisation of the HoneybeeFree John B.1977149
The Spell of the Honey BeeKelsey W. Eric194713
The Ventilation of BeehivesWedmore E.B.194799
The World of BeesHoyt M.1965100
The World of the HoneybeeColin Butler1976183
Varroa Addendum & Index for the 2nd Edition of Beekeeping Study NotesJ.D & B.D Yates1993191
XXVIIth Congress of Apiculture of Apimondia  121

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  • Mr G Coyle Mr J Kelly Mrs N Smyth
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  • Mr J Dowds Mr & Mrs Poulton Mr & Mrs Shackleton
  • Dr Fitzpatrick Dr Quigley Devon Beekeepers Assoc.